bigidea foto Guido Bosua

BIG IDEA #1 – Drift Multiply

High-profile performing arts production

The annual production of large-scale high-profile performing arts productions at various spectacular locations in the city and the stimulation of Rotterdam's cultural young-makers climate by giving them a place in these productions.

Drift Multiply is an initiative of the BIG IDEA foundation and works together with, among others, Codarts, De Doelen and Theater Rotterdam.

This new initiative wants to make un-Dutch major productions in Rotterdam and gives Rotterdam's young talent the opportunity to work together with renowned makers.

In 2019, the the Onderzeebootloods (Submarine Wharf) will be the setting for the first production by the BIG IDEA Foundation. This new initiative aims to create un-Dutch large-scale productions in Rotterdam and gives young Rotterdam talent the opportunity to work with renowned makers. BIG IDEA #01 brings 60 dancers, 50 violinists and 50 one-bit processors together on one stage in a unique location performance in the Rotterdam Port area.