IFFR is a vibrant cinema party that is constantly renewing itself, challenging and sometimes slightly anarchistic. The festival has a big heart for cinema, the city of Rotterdam, and is keen on the search for the magical relationship between cinema and audience. For twelve days Rotterdam will transform into the international capital of film and the festival offers a varied and stimulating programme to a wide audience - with almost 330,000 visits. Together with the city, IFFR welcomes more than 2,500 professionals from all over the world, who come to Rotterdam to meet each other, do business and enter into new collaborations.

On the way to the festive 50th anniversary edition in 2021, Droom en Daad supports IFFR to consolidate its international position as a leading film festival for independent film (art). Together we will put Rotterdam in the spotlight and celebrate the power of film.

IFFR TigerAwards-JandeGroen.JPG
Foto: Jan de Groen