International choreography competition

Two dancers from Scapino Ballet had a dream: to organise an annual international choreography competition for duets with a XL production budget as the main prize. The first edition of RIDCC was in 2018.

Every year, over 400 candidates enter this international competition. Eventually, sixteen choreographers are invited to present their dance duet during the Rotterdam International Duet Choreography Competition (RIDCC) in Theater Rotterdam. After two evenings of preliminary rounds, there is a festive finale. A professional jury determines the winner of the XL Production Award. In addition, the audience is asked to vote for their favourite choreographer. The winners are announced on the same evening.


RIDCC 2. ridcc8C1A7661.jpg
RIDCC 2018 / Winning choreography / Dance and choreography: Danae Dimitriadi & Dinonysios Alamanos / Photo: Nienke Ellebaas