When the Fenix warehouse opened its doors on Katendrecht in 1923, it was the largest warehouse in the world. After extensive renovation this building will host the city’s story of migration..

artist imperssion FENIX II © MAD Architects, 2019

Once the biggest warehouse in the world, the Fenix is a striking example of Rotterdam’s compelling harbor architecture. Millions of people left Europe from these docks to build a life in the New World. They similarly came from far and wide to land here in Rotterdam. The entire first floor of the warehouse will be devoted to the story of these migrants. The Rotterdam City Archive, the Maritime Museum, Museum Rotterdam, the Dutch Photo Museum and the World Museum cooperate, as well as Ellis Island in New York andPier 21 in Canada.

New York Times, April 24, 2018

The ground floor will in future provide a mix of creative, culinary and cultural activities for the neighborhood, city and her visitors. The roof will house a viewing platform designed by MAD Architects, from which a 360 degree view of Rotterdam is provided.

Sketch Fenixl warehouse II with viewpoint © MAD Architects