who we are

Droom en Daad invests in arts and culture in Rotterdam. We do this independently and result-oriented.


Stichting Droom en Daad was set up on 13 December 2016. It is a Public Benefit Organisation (ANBI).


Wim Pijbes, director
Laura Dufour, deputy director
Ellen van der Windt, head of general affairs, director Batavierhuis
Maryline Preesman, financial manager
Jacqueline Oeij, management assistant
José Timmermans, administrative assistant
Laurens van de Werken, administrative assistant
Anne Kremers, project director FENIX
Roswitha Abraham, project leader
Niels van Ham, project leader buildings
Benno Lambooy, project leader
Marit Luijckx, project assistant
Gwen Rodenburg, project leader
Sophia van Rooij, project leader buildings
Carlijn Sonneveldt, project leader
Femke van der Stoep, project leader
Maud Verhoeff, project assistant

frequently asked questions

Droom en Daad invests in art and culture in Rotterdam. We do so independently, energetically, and result-orientedly. Art and culture contribute to a meaningful and richer life for individuals and society. We invest in projects that contribute to an attractive city, livable for residents, and lovable for visitors. There are two ways in which we invest: by initiating new cultural organizations and by selecting third parties ourselves to invest in.

"New ideas must use old buildings" Jane Jacobs famously said. We initiate cultural projects that pay homage to Rotterdam's heritage and benefit the city’s future by transforming listed buildings into new art spaces for makers and public to use and enjoy. Secondly, the space between the bricks is an important part of what makes an enjoyable city. Therefore, we invest in public spaces: renovating a listed park as well as donating new sculptures. And lastly; people truly make a city. Therefore we invest intensively in human talent by supporting art programs which enhance their artistic or entrepreneurial capabilities.

We initiate cultural organizations such as FENIX, Batavierhuis, Veerhuis, and Muziekwerf. When we invest in third-party projects, we select them ourselves.