who we are

The Droom en Daad Foundation started in 2017. It is our mission to make Rotterdam stronger and beautiful through arts and culture.


Wim Pijbes, director
Laura Dufour, deputy director
Ellen van der Windt, head of general affairs, director Batavierhuis
Maryline Preesman, financial manager
Jacqueline Oeij, management assistant
José Timmermans, administrative assistant
Laurens van de Werken, administrative assistant
Anne Kremers, project director FENIX
Roswitha Abraham, project leader
Niels van Ham, project leader buildings
Benno Lambooy, project leader
Marit Luijckx, project assistant
Gwen Rodenburg, project leader
Sophia van Rooij, project leader buildings
Carlijn Sonneveldt, project leader
Femke van der Stoep, project leader
Maud Verhoeff, project assistant


Stichting Droom en Daad was set up on 13 December 2016. It is a Public Benefit Organisation (ANBI).

frequently asked questions

The Droom en Daad foundation was founded to make Rotterdam stronger and more beautiful by initiating and supporting projects in the field of art and culture.

The Droom en Daad foundation was founded for the residents and visitors of Rotterdam. Projects of the Droom en Daad foundation reach all layers of society with her projects.

Nothing. We can only wish for happy residents and visitors of the beautiful city of Rotterdam.

Droom en Daad is a foundation. That means that, as per our statutes, we are obligated to redirect possible profits back into the foundation. The foundation then uses that money again for cultural projects that make Rotterdam a stronger and more beautiful place.

Art and culture enriches people, both young and old and from all walks of life. Research shows that singing or playing an instrument supports the development of basic skills in children. Elderly people who visit a concert are put in contact with others. Visitors to Rotterdam stay longer if there is more to see and to do, which helps the middleclass. And anyone experiencing beauty through a piece of art, a dance performance or a concert is temporarily a little bit elevated.

The Droom en Daad foundation works as a venture philanthropist. This means that we closely examine the impact of our investment in terms of time, experience and network. Droom en Daad is a collaborative partner and we commit ourselves to the success of a project.

The Droom en Daad foundation focusses on projects that benefit the cultural heritage of Rotterdam. The DNA of the city is made up of many people and objects. Cultural heritage especially tells stories about the city that transcend generations. Droom en Daad gladly invests in these old gems, to make them shine again. In addition, culture also manifests in public spaces: where people meet each other. The outdoors, and especially the green outdoors is for everyone, and simply makes people happy. Therefore the Droom en Daad Foundation focusses on ‘green’ project. Talent is a third domain to which Droom en Daad contributes. Rotterdam is the home of much diverse talent, and the foundation gladly offers this talent the space it needs. Whether for young talent in fashion or an older musician, the Droom en Daad foundation makes room, literally and figuratively, to let this talent bloom in Rotterdam.

Many projects have a short-term and long-term impact. Short-term can mean that visitors have enjoyed an event, in the long run this can lead to a blooming climate of cultural makers. Droom en Daad offers projects the time to mature.

The Droom en Daad foundation uses qualitative and quantitative measures to determine what the impact of a project is. For instance, the foundation looks at the number of visitors of an event (quantitative), but also at the satisfaction of visitors (qualitative).

In a nutshell, venture philanthropy means ‘entrepreneurial philanthropy’. Philanthropy means “love for mankind”, in the sense of “taking care of”, “feeding”, “improving” or “expanding” quality of life or the potential for development of people. ‘Entrepreneurial philanthropists’ do more than make a financial donation to a project. They put in their time, expertise and network to reach the common goal.

The Droom en Daad foundation upholds a number of values. The partners Droom and Daad work with share these values. They all want to make the city of Rotterdam better and more beautiful, and work towards this goal with enthusiasm.

The Fenix is the last warehouse on the Maas river that can tell the story of millions of people who left these shores in search of a new life in the new world: America. These stories will be made accessible in the Fenix. Fear, hope, love and joy all come into play when a person moves country. This universal and timeless theme will be told through the medium of art.

From the beginning the Droom en Daad foundation has chosen not to work according to the traditional path of ‘granter and grantee’. Droom en Daad chooses its own projects and partners to collaborate with. In addition Droom en Daad initiates its own projects, such as the Fenix and the Batavierhuis.